Online Conversions, How To Improve Them ?


Online conversions must be your primary focus if you want to sell on internet. Specially if you are a newbie in online marketing and want to make sales on a continual basis. The more conversions you have, the more money you  make.

Not everyone  is going to be successful in online marketing. Even with solid advertising campaigns,  targeted visitors may arrive on landing pages that don’t offer what they want to purchase.

You can easily reach higher levels of success in selling your products on the web.

Follow these few tips on how to improve your online conversions !

Defining Online Conversions

By definition online conversions represent how many sales you make divided by the amount of traffic received. Online conversion percentage takes into account how many visitors arrive on your landing pages, and how many  purchase. The higher the number, the more money you will be making.

Let us say  your goal is a conversion rate of at least 5 percent. So this means that for every 100 people that arrive on your website, five of them are buying something from you.

How To Improve Your Conversion Rates

There are three specific ways to improve your conversion rates:


Send highly targeted traffic to your landing pages must be . Your prospects must be  actually looking for products that they want and can purchase.  And these are the specific ones you have to offer.

Competitive price

Offer products at a price that is competitive when compared to others similar.

Call to action

Use the power of necessity and  scarcity to motivate your visitors to become buyers.

Scarcity And Conversion Rates

Scarcity is a term that is applied to online marketing in a couple of ways :

  •  How many products are available at a specific price point ?
  •  How long the products will be available ?

You will often see people advertising special deals that are only available for a couple of days, or even hours. And many people will make a purchase.  Do they necessarily need the product ? No, they do not want to miss out on the special pricing.

Upsells Downsells And Cross-Selling Strategies

One strategy that works very well is to start offer something at low cost. It’s easierto motivate people to make a purchase simply because of the low price point.

Once they have started the purchasing process, they see an additional offer. An example of this is purchasing domains on a domain registrar website. Once you have added this to your shopping cart, then arrive upsells, downsells and cross-sells.

  • An upsell is another product that they could also purchase, directly related to the one they are buying. It may be also a premium or gold version at a higher price.
  • A downsell is different: the vendor presents a lower price if the prospect leaves the site without buying.
  • A cross-sell is a by-product  not directly related to the product they are buying, but which could be useful in an indirect manner. Using the example of domain names once again, the vendor proposes cross-selling offers like web hosting or an email service.

How To Improve Your Conversions

The key to improving  online conversions is to make an offer that is hard to refuse. And this is combined with a scarcity tactic. You could offer your product at a very low price, but only offer it for a limited time, perhaps with a countdown timer. The reason that this works is that people are motivated to not lose the special deal. Or they need even more this product that it will be no longer available in the next few minutes. By using this combination of low prices and scarcity, you will start to see your conversions skyrocket.

Improving your online conversions is something that is easy to do

You simply have to implement these strategies. As long as you are directing highly targeted traffic to your offers, these techniques will lead to many more additional sales. By combining low-priced items with scarcity tactics, you will quickly see why so many online marketers use these on a regular basis. Whether you are selling a physical product, digital product, or an online service, your conversions will begin to improve dramatically.